I go dog-sledding with my dog

at Lac Blanc resort


Come and enjoy the ski piste dedicated to dog-sledding! It is a 3 km (about 2 miles) loop reserved exclusively for this activity. The skijoring is also possible on this piste.
The access to this ski piste is near the lac Blanc (L’Auberge Le Mille Métres- The 1000 meter Inn). You just need to get a pass from the cashier on the Nordic domain. The closest cashier is the one at the Auberge du Blancrupt ‘ Blancrupt Inn).
Price: 6.50€ per day per person

Hours: from 9am to 4 pm.



Either departure from the Lac Blanc- ‘lieu-dit “Le Mille Métres” ( a place called the 1000 meters) near the Lac Blanc Parking lot Parking 1) every day.

Or, from the Auberge du Blancrupt (Parking lot 2), outside peak periods ( weekends and school breaks

The access to the piste is determined with the purchase of a Nordic domain pass (for the day, week, or season).

The cashier is located across from the Auberge du Blancrupt- opening hours from 9 am till 4 pm (Parking lot 2).
The paid pass must be visible for the musher to control its validity.

Picking up the dog poop on the training piste done systematically.

Obligation of putting a lifeline into place between the musher and the dog-sled so to avoid the dog teams in the forest in case of an accident.

The piste is open to all for dog sled training and skijoring. Canicross is not permitted.

Parking et bivouac :

  1. We ask that you keep the defined parking zones clean (parking lots, the stake outs)
  2. Pick up the dog poop in the parking lot zones and bring garbage bags to the pickup point (parking lot- Col du Calvaire).
  3. For people who desire to spend the night here, the bivouac is allowed. However, if there are too many, then it will not be authorized.
  4. It would be appreciated to stop your generators between 11pm and 7 am.
  5. Dogs must be kept in your vehicles from 11 pm to 7 am.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation by respecting these rules and we wish you a pleasant stay at Lac Blanc.

I ski with my dog 

Do you want to ski with your dog ? It is possible at the Lac Blanc ski resort. 
You could practise ski with your dog in the same piste of the dog-sledding all the day, and on friday sometimes at precise days at 4pm, at the departure of the Blancrupt Auberge.
You will find all informations here