Summer version


Bike Park Lac Blanc resort

The Bike Park Lac Blanc is open! Free ride tracks (north shore), downhill and bike trails for every standard. Accessible for disable persons. In the bike park all the tracks are drawn within a natural and preserved environment. You will find equipment rental (downhill mountain bikes, protections and all-terrain wheelchairs, ..) and a self-service restaurant.

The Ludic Path

Come and discover the ludic path at Lac Blanc! Accompanied by the two elves Till and Froll, come and solve the enigma on this 2km trail! You will find games, decorations, sculptures, to help you solve the puzzle. More information here.

The Tricky Track sled

The Tricky Track rail sled of the Lac Blanc resort is open every week-end

All the information here.

Summer activities

The summer activities at the Lac Blanc resort are open (the week-end) ! The bare footh path and the treetop adventure parc of the lac blanc (Lac Blanc parc aventure).


Orientering route

Why don't you come and test your sense of direction? Armed with a map, use your sense of orientation, observe and punch! Several circuits are available, it's fun and you can enjoy the magnificent panoramas while having fun. Maps are on sale in our reception offices. Bring good walking shoes. More info here.


Hiking tours

Do you like hiking ? Take advantage of the good weather to walk along the trails marked out by the Vosges Club and discover the fauna and flora of the Vosges massif. Remember to be well equipped, bring good walking shoes. Check the weather forecast before leaving.
Find all our hiking ideas here