All-terrain cross country

Ride on the mountain trails

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For the fans of all terrain biking, Lac Blanc is a great playing field: lots of biking trails which are marked, sometimes going through the forests and sometimes through the landscape of the plains.

See our routes below: you can download them free of charge in PDF format or pick them up at the tourist office.


Good mountain biking habits : 

  • I give preference to recommended and marked routes (FFC or FFCT).
  • I comply with the signs on the trail and do not follow a section where signs explicitly forbid the use of mountain bikes.
  • I will only stay on the existing paths and trails, and thus do not go off-trail. Pedestrians always have priority.
  • I slow down as they approach and get off my bike if necessary.
  • I always organise events outside the quiet zones.
  • I do not create new trails, modules or landscaping in the natural environment without the agreement of the owner and manager.

Find all the information about on this website.

New: download our new free map of mountain bike trails in the Kaysersberg valley and at the Lac Blanc resort. 13 trails to discover and enjoy, whether on a muscle bike or an electrically-assisted mountain bike.

Please note that the map has been produced for A3 format printing. If you print it in any other format, the scale will not be respected. You can also find the mountain bike trails map at our reception desks.

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