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Question: Is it possible to swim in the Lac Blanc?

Answer: No, swimming is forbidden all year round at Lac Blanc for safety reasons. Nearby, swimming is possible outside at the Gérardmer or Longemer lakes (Vosges 88) or at the Colmar-Houssen water sports centre (68). Alternatively, head for the Espace nautique Arc-en-ciel swimming pool in Kaysersberg, where you can relax in complete peace of mind.

Question: Are dogs allowed on the trails?

Answer: Yes, dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash and stay with you on the trails, even when you cross the nature reserves.

Question: Is bivouacking allowed at the Lac Blanc resort?

Answer: Generally speaking, bivouacking is tolerated from sunset to sunrise. We are talking about bivouac and not camping: you have the right to set up your shelter on the trail at nightfall and you must have left the place by sunrise. Do not go off the trails, limit noise to respect the fauna, do not make a fire and leave with your waste ;-)

Be careful in the Tanet-Gazon du Faing nature reserve, bivouac is possible but only without shelter. At the Tête des Faux, bivouacking is not allowed at all. You can find all the regulations for sensitive areas on the Quétude Attitude website.


Question: Are we allowed to light a fire at the Lac Blanc resort?

Answer: No, even if you have a hankering for a barbecue or grilled marshmallow or simply to keep warm, any fire is forbidden and dangerous. A few years ago, a hiker accidentally set fire to 25 hectares of peat bogs despite the ban. In addition to the danger involved, you are also liable to a fine of €135.

Question: Is it possible to pick wild blueberries (brimbelles) on the ridges at the Lac Blanc station?

Answer: Wild blueberries may be picked from sunrise to sunset on unfenced land, unless otherwise indicated and for personal consumption only (picking is limited to 5l). The use of combs or other tools is forbidden when picking blueberries.

Question: Is it possible to use the chairlift on foot?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to take the chairlift on foot between Lac Blanc 900 (Vallon) and Lac Blanc 1200 (Col du Calvaire). The descent is free, the ascent is 4,60 € / person.

Question: When I go on a Tricky Track luge run, where do I arrive at the finish?

Answer : It is a loop, you arrive at the starting point of the track.