I ski

at Lac Blanc ski resort !

YES, the Vosges are ideal for doing all kinds of winter sports that you can think of!

Located in the regional nature reserve in the Ballons des Vosges, in the Kaysersberg Valley, the ski resort is waiting for you with a warm welcome, with snow lovers!

A quick glance will make crave (and the skis on your feet)

The Lac Blanc Ski Resort is….

  • 68 kms ( 42 miles) of cross country skiing trails
  • 14 kms ( 9 miles) of alpine skiing

But also…

  • a freestyle area with a boardercross
  • a terrain park

You get the idea….there is something for everyone of all ages and tastes at the Lac Blanc Ski Resort!

So, ready for winter sports?


If you are a beginner alpine skier or do cross country skiing, it is easier to come to the ski resort directly at 1200m (3937 ft) in altitude. Up there you will find all the green ski pistes for alpine and the whole Nordic skiing domain.

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