Your experts of the lac blanc ski resort

first aid patrollers


They are present very early in the morning to prepare the slopes as well as possible, they set up the markings and signage. They ensure your safety and protection, inform you about the condition of the slopes, the quality of the snow, and intervene to rescue you in case of accidents, falls or collisions.

Team snow groomers!


The team of snow groomers from the Lac Blanc resort is present to ensure the preparation of the ski slopes. They pass their machine over all the snowy parts before the station opens, for an irreproachable glide! 
Depending on snowfall, damage drivers often start their day very early (or finish very late) to prepare the slopes before the first skiers arrive. 

Team ski lifts


The Lac Blanc ski lift team is responsible for the commissioning and maintenance of the ski lift. They can work on any type of installation (chairlift, ski lift). They ensure that the installations are in good working order and distribute the ski lift boom, ensuring that the skier is in the right position on the seat. 

Your experts of the tourist office

Our core business is to advise you as well as possible and propose you ideas for visits and share our favourites with you, for a top-notch stay at the Lac Blanc resort. 

Do you have a question? A request?

Come and meet us at the reception desk of the tourist office, at the Col du Calvaire. We are here to inform, guide and inform you on all your requests.

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