Alpine skiing

at ski resort Lac Blanc 900 / 1200


Whether you want to discover alpine skiing, snowboarding or the snowscoot; perfect your skiing or just have fun alone, Lac Blanc Ski Resort will know what kind of ski pistes to offer you.

More than 14 km ( 9 miles) of green, blue, red and black ski pistes to fulfill your expectations. And for the audacious, a freestyle area made up of an area for boardercross and a terrain park! Everything to have fun!!

Equipped with 153 snow guns, detachable six seater ski lift, a ski tow, a conveyor belt for children and a mini ski lift; you can come ski every day during the season!

Opening hours for the ski lifts: from 9am till 4:45pm, night skiing until 9:30pm for the ski lift. See opening times to know the opening days and night skiing
From February 13th to 24th 2023, ski lift and ski lifts Carrefour and Baby are open from 8:30am till 5:15pm.


  • the production of artificial snow is done during off-peak hours (10pm-7am) and only from temperatures below -4°C/-5°C

  • the production of artificial snow will be prioritised according to the most frequented slopes (Montjoie and Lamaze for example).

  • as night skiing is an integral part of the resort's identity, it will be kept but limited to one per week: Friday evenings outside school holidays and Tuesdays during school holidays. There will be no night-time events when the "ecowatt" is red or if power cuts are forecast.

  • numerous actions have been taken to limit the energy consumption of the alpine domain for several years:

    • 17 snow gun heads have been replaced to reduce energy use by 90%,

    • staff have been trained in eco-driving on the chairlift. It operates more or less quickly depending on the number of skiers,

    • variable speed drives have been installed on the ski lifts.

  • The alpine domain will be closed on Monday and Tuesday outside the school holidays. The restaurants and rentals of the Lac Blanc Tonique company will also be closed.

  • The Lac Blanc alpine domain will close on 05 March 2023.