Escape game

Will you be able to succeed in your mission?

Your mission, if you accept it, will be to foil the enemy's plans to save the village of Fréland! 

Can you solve the riddles? Will you be up to the task? There is only one way to find out...


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Escape Game au Pays Welche

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    2Rue de la Rochette
    Maison du Pays Welche


    An enemy of the Welche community has decided to decimate the village of Freland. The mission of the players is to find the plan of this enemy (time of the attack, place and type of attack), which he has hidden in the house and to bring it to the leader of the community to save the village.

    For reasons related to the current health crisis the number of people is limited to 6 and the wearing of masks is mandatory, but not provided.

    Barrier measures will be respected and ground markings will be in place to help you navigate the museum safely.

    Reservations can be made using the contact form on the website.

    Reduced rates according to the number of people.

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    NHS COVID Pass mandatory
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    Adult rate : 17 €
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    13-18 years


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    410 m
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